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Squeak Thru Retention

Did Your Child Just Squeak Through?

Summer vacation is a huge relief for parents with a nightly homework battle. But, the escape is short-lived, as the problem will resume and likely get worse in the fall when school restarts and the material becomes more demanding.

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Vision and Learning Checklist

  • Short attention span for reading
  • Must read and re-read material to understand it well.
  • Takes “hours” to do 30 minutes of homework
  • Disturbs other children in class during reading or near work
  • Gets sleepy when reading
  • Still reverses words or letters beyond second grade
  • Skips or re-reads words or lines
  • Loses place when reading
  • Slow, hesitant when reading aloud
  • Covers one eye while reading or exhibits odd postures at the desk
  • Learns better when material is read to them than when reading themselves

Being retained a grade in school is the 2nd most stressful life event for a young child, after the death of a parent. By sixth grade, it becomes the #1 stressor, according to the Journal of Applied School Psychology.

Did your child fall behind as the school year progressed? Did s/he come close to being retained? Perhaps his or her grades did not reflect the intelligence you know is there. Do feel that despite all your attempts to help, something is interfering with your child’s learning? 1 in 4 children have a specific vision problem which interferes with learning, and optometrists who test for and treat the problem can help.

If any of the symptoms here sound like your child or one you know, you’re invited to a special workshop on vision and learning.

If vision is the problem, there is help. You may be able to start the school year with a new outlook and spare your child from the pain of falling behind in school.

Tuesday, June 15th
6:30 PM
Nancy Guenthner, OD, FCOVD

Join us virtually through Zoom or watch live of Facebook Live

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