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Vision Problem Symptoms Chart

Symptoms Checklist – Click here and fill out this symptoms checklist shown above if you suspect you or your child has a vision problem.

*adapted from COVD chart




Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, or Astigmatism Inability to see clearly in the distance or up close Blurred vision
Rubs eyes frequently
Convergence insufficiency, Binocular vision issue Inability to coordinate the eyes together effectively Closes or covers one eye
Occasionally sees double
Rubs eyes frequently
Able to read for only a short period
Poor reading comprehension
Accommodative insufficiency or infacility Inability to easily refocus eyes or maintain clear focus Blurred vision
Holds things very close
Poor reading comprehension
Tired eyes
Able to read for only a short time
Headaches when reading
Oculomotor dysfunction, Eye tracking problem Inadequate ability to smoothly and accurately move the eyes from one point to another Moves head excessively when reading
Loses place, skips lines when reading
Uses finger to keep place
Poor reading comprehension
Short attention span
Visual form perception dysfunction Inability to discriminate differences in size, shape, or form Mistakes words with similar beginnings
Difficulty recognizing letters, words, or simple shapes and forms
Can’t distinguish the main idea from insignificant details
Trouble learning basic math concepts of size, magnitude and position
Visual memory dysfunction Inability to remember and understand what is seen Trouble visualizing what is read
Poor reading comprehension
Poor speller
Trouble with mathematical concepts
Poor recall of visually presented material
Visual motor integration dysfunction Inability to process and reproduce visual mages by writing or drawing Can’t stay on lines
Poor copying skills
Can respond orally but not in writing
Difficulty with laterality and directionality Poor development of left/right awareness Trouble learning right and left
Reverses letters and words
Trouble writing and remembering letters and numbers
Amblyopia, Lazy eye Reduced vision in one or both eyes, not correctable with glasses or contacts Blurred vision
Closes or covers one eye
Poor depth perception or “3-D” vision
Strabismus Turned eye either in or out, one or both eyes Blurred vision
Closes or covers one eye
Poor depth perception or “3-D” vision

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