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Symptoms of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Symptoms of Lazy Eye in Children - Detection and Diagnosis of Lazy Eye

Since amblyopia usually occurs in one eye only AND a lazy eye condition can exist without a noticable eye turn, many parents and children are not aware of any symptoms. In other words, unfortunately, symptoms of lazy eye are often NOT obvious to the outside observer (parent, teacher, school nurse or pediatrician, etc.).

An eye exam by a pediatrician or the 20/20 eye chart screening simply is not adequate for the detection of amblyopia (and other early childhood visual conditions). The most important diagnostic tools are the special visual acuity tests other than the 20/20 eye test charts currently used by schools and pediatricians. and general eye doctors. Examination with cycloplegic drops can be necessary to detect this condition in young children.

Comprehensive vision evaluations are highly recommended for infants and pre-school children. Otherwise, many children go undiagnosed until they have their eyes examined at the eye doctor's office at a much later age.



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