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Vision Therapy Success Stories


Avery worked very hard to make Bs in school and would often get headaches when reading. After her optometric vision therapy, she now makes straight As and loves to read. Everyone at Aspire Vision Training Center is so proud of her!


Before Optometric Vision Therapy, Tobias experienced eye tracking problems, double vision, and eye focusing problems. He was unable to comprehending what he was reading because he would skip lines, read lines twice, or insert words into a sentence. After vision therapy, he is able to enjoy what he is reading and is now able to learn on his own. He really enjoys being more independent and we are so happy for him!


Matthew had been struggling with reading for years in school. His mom and teachers tried everything they could to help with little success. It was even suspected that Matthew might have ADD/ADHD or Dyslexia. Then his mom discovered that he had a vision problem that was affecting his ability to read and learn. After his optometric vision therapy, Matthew is great reader and an independent learner. Congratulations Matthew!

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Alex was spending 3-4 hours a day at home doing homework and it was really taking a toll on the whole family. He also had trouble staying focused and was frustrated because he had no free time. After vision therapy, he can now stay focused and get most of his work done at school. He has also regained his confidence!


In second grade Ernie had struggled with reading comprehension and getting his homework done on time. School became very difficult and even with extra help, he started falling behind. Ernie became embarrassed and his attitude started to change about himself. After his vision therapy, school became fun again. By the end of the school year Ernie’s reading level had caught up and he started reading for fun. He also noticed an improvement in his soccer playing! Ernie has come out of his shell and now looks forward to going to school.


When Nicole was 8 years old she used to struggle with reading. She would have to read things over and over again to comprehend them. Nicole expressed that the words become blurry and move on the page while reading, and she reported experiencing double vision when staring at something for a long time. After her vision therapy, she now understands what she reads and she is able to finish her schoolwork faster. Nicole is also making better grades in school and has gotten better at sports too!

Victor (English Version)

Victor used to get horrible headaches and couldn’t concentrate at school. He hated reading and had a lot of trouble doing his schoolwork. He would distract others instead of doing his work and his grades got so bad that his teachers started calling his parents at home. Eventually the school diagnosed him with ADD but Victor and his parents knew that something else was the problem. After his vision therapy, Victor no longer gets headaches and can concentrate at school. He really feels successful because he is now getting better grades and now the teachers are calling his parents to praise him! Victor’s parents are happy that he can now work independently.

Victor (Spanish Version)

Victor solía tener dolores de cabeza horribles y no podía concentrarse en la escuela. Odiaba leer y tenía un montón de problemas para hacer sus tareas escolares. Él se distraiga a los demás en vez de hacer su trabajo y sus calificaciones eran tan graves que sus maestros empezaron a llamar a sus padres en casa. Finalmente, la escuela le diagnosticó ADD, pero Víctor y sus padres sabían que algo más era el problema. Después de la terapia de la visión, Victor ya no tiene dolores de cabeza y puede concentrarse en la escuela. Realmente se siente exitosa porque es ahora conseguir mejores calificaciones y ahora los maestros están pidiendo a sus padres que lo alaban! Los padres de Victor están contentos de que ahora se puede trabajar de forma independiente.


Joel was struggling with school in first grade and his confidence was slipping. He was not improving even with extra help from the school and his parents. After vision therapy, Joel is a completely different kid. His grades have dramatically improved and his confidence is amazing! His eye-hand coordination has improved and he is now playing flag football and loving it.


Before starting vision therapy, Milo was having difficulty reading in kindergarten and first grade. He was having difficulty with left and right, reversing b’s and d’s, learning his alphabet, and remembering his sight words. Shortly after he started vision therapy, he learned his left and right and stopped confusing his b’s and d’s. He also started doing much better spelling his sight words. Milo’s teacher even remarked that she had never seen so much progress in such a short amount of time. By the end of vision therapy, Milo is able to finish all his schoolwork on time and is reading books for fun! He is looking forward to reading camp and a successful upcoming school year.