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Charly Lane

Charly Lane
Billing Specialist

Charly grew up an Army brat, so she has moved around her entire life.  Her home is here in Texas though, and she and her husband bought their first home in Georgetown three years ago, where they live with their four daughters, two dogs, and one very old cat. In her free time, she loves to go hiking, dabble in photography, and go shopping.

Charly started here at Aspire in 2015.  She helps run the therapy clinic and sits down with patients and their parents to explain how therapy will change their lives. Charly also helps Sarah in the front, by checking out patients and helping with any insurance questions.

 3 things I would bring to an island:

- My corgi, Helo, because he’s a hunter

-A hammock, to sleep comfortably

-Swiss Army Knife, for obvious reasons

Favorite part about my job:

“Meeting with patients and their patents to help them understand how we will change their and their child’s lives”