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Aspire Vision Care is growing, and we are looking for friendly individuals to join our team. No experience is necessary. We will train the right person. You can apply for these positions using the link and choosing from the desired position. The starting pay range for these positions is $16-18 per hour.

Front Desk/Reception: Our Patient Care Coordinator at reception provides a warm, friendly greeting to all our patients. They are responsible for answering phones and scheduling appointments; verifying insurance benefits; maintaining patient records; communicating effectively with patients; and overall record keeping. They help drive a positive experience for all patients.

Optometric Technician: Optometric technicians work under the supervision of an optometrist. They perform a variety of duties including: patient pretesting such as visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, visual field testing, pressure inside the eye, corneal topography, retinal images; contact lens patient education; and front office management.

Optician: An optician works at the exciting juncture of health and fashion. These skilled professionals, also known as dispensing opticians, prepare prescription eyeglass lenses, help customers choose eyeglass frames, and tailor the frames to customers' unique facial measurements. When customers need contact lenses instead, opticians adjust the fit of the lenses to the eyes.

An important part of an optician's job is to make sure that customers are comfortable enough with their new eyeglass frames (or contact lenses) to wear them as prescribed. During consultations, an optician considers the type of lenses as well as the context in which a customer will use them (for example at a construction site versus an office cubicle) to make a recommendation well suited to the individual's lifestyle.

In many ways, a dispensing optician's job is analogous to that of a pharmacist who dispenses drugs based on prescriptions written by physicians. Although opticians do not write prescriptions for lenses, they must understand the science and reasoning behind them. (Some opticians are qualified to operate the equipment that grinds lenses, while others send completed work orders to a lab that crafts lenses.) To be an optician is to make life easier, safer and more comfortable for the many people who require prescriptive lenses, from child to new parent to senior citizen. (from

Vision Therapist: A Vision Therapist works with a Developmental Optometrist to direct and guide patients in therapeutic activities prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of visual dysfunctions. The patients may be suffering from academic, developmental, physical, and/or emotional impairments due to these visual dysfunctions. The Vision Therapist prepares equipment for treatment activities, instructs, motivates, evaluates, and monitors patient's performance on these activities, measures performance according to prescribed rules, and records data, signs, and symptoms in patient's chart. Other duties may include cleaning and maintaining ophthalmic and therapy instruments and materials, instructing, assisting, and motivating patients and families in the accomplishment of home support activities, sharing notable progress milestones with the patient or parents, writing curriculum materials and instruction sheets, and miscellaneous clerical duties for the clinic. Familiarity and experience with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the broad field of educational therapies is desirable. The ability to establish rapport with patients in a positive, upbeat, motivational, and empathetic manner is essential.

To Apply: Click on the application link below. Make sure to include a copy of your resume and complete the 2 short assessments. Applicants must complete the assessments to be considered.