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Sunglasses With UV Protection

couple wearing burberry sunglasses in Round Rock, Texas

Sunglasses make it easier to see on a sunny day and they flatter every look, yet those aren’t the only reasons to wear them. Quality prescription and nonprescription sunglasses – such as the ones we sell in our Round Rock optical store – also provide 100% UV protection. By blocking your delicate eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, you are helping to prevent future vision complications.

What are the dangers of UV light?

Ultraviolet light rays shine down on you regardless of whether the skies are sunny or cloudy. The sun’s rays threaten the lasting health of your cornea, lens, retina, delicate eyelid skin, and all ocular structures.

Health problems associated with overexposure to UV light include:

  • Increased chance of developing cataracts
  • Eye and eyelid cancers
  • Ocular growths
  • Higher risk of many age-related eye conditions
  • Photokeratitis: painful burn on the outer eye surface

Which sunglasses offer ultimate UV protection?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the darker the lenses of your sunglasses, the higher level of protection. Lens tint has nothing to do with filtering ultraviolet light rays. To choose the safest sunglasses, look for the following features:

  • Lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB sun rays
  • A good, close fit on your face; frames should match up with your brow and wraparound sunglasses are ideal
  • 75 – 90% of visible light should be filtered out
  • Lenses should be free of distortions or imperfections and match each other in tint color

Are polarized sunglass lenses good enough?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that polarized lenses offer UV protection. While they are very effective at reducing glare from water, ice, and snow, polarized lenses do not naturally block UV light. In addition, they may create visual distortions when you view your smartphone, dashboard, or computer screen.

Do kids need sunglasses with UV protection?

Certainly! The hazardous effects of UV light on eyes are cumulative. As kids typically spend more time outdoors than adults, sunglasses should be an essential part of their wardrobe. Nowadays, durable sunglasses for children come in a diverse array of colors and styles. Be smart and keep your kid’s eyes safe with a cool pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Make a family trip out of it – we welcome you to bring your children to our Round Rock, Texas practice.

Our Sunglasses Collection

We display a full variety of premium sunglasses with UV protection, with many designer brands and stylish, modern expressions. All of our frames are engineered to last, with durable materials and solid construction. The lenses will give you a crisp vision with no distortions and protect your eyes against UV sun damage.