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Pediatric Eye Exams

Looking Out for Your Kid’s Vision & Eye Health

Eye exams are a key part of keeping your child in top health. Very often, kids don’t complain when they can’t see well, which is why regular pediatric eye examinations are so critical!

Pediatric Eye Exams in Round Rock, TX

Pediatric Eye Exams in Round Rock, TX - Optometrist Near Me

Vision plays a major role in learning and proper development. Therefore, an undetected vision condition can jeopardize your child’s success both in the classroom, socially, and on the sports field. To take this one step further - a child who feels frustrated, unpopular, and unsuccessful is prone to low self-esteem. In sum, why put your child at risk? Regular, comprehensive eye exams for kids are an ideal way to prevent a whole list of possible problems.

At Aspire Vision Care, we’ll evaluate your kid’s entire visual system. Our eye doctors, Dr. Nancy Guenther and Dr. Carissa Lumby, are highly experiencing in checking children and knowledgeable about the signs of pediatric vision conditions. With first-rate skill and a friendly, gentle touch, we’ll inspect the eyes of your child of any age. With over 15 years of experience specializing in children’s vision conditions, Dr. Guenthner is committed to changing kids’ lives by paying thorough attention to the whole visual system. We ensure that you and your kids will feel comfortable and confident with our Round Rock, TX, optometry team!

When should you bring your child for their first eye exam?

It’s recommended to bring your infant for his first eye exam at a half-year old, and then again at three years old. If our eye doctors do not detect any need for immediate treatment, then you should schedule a complete pediatric eye examination before your child enters school, at approximately five to six years old. Some schools even require eye exams as a prerequisite to starting first grade!

If there are no health risk factors and we don’t diagnose a need for vision correction or therapy, then your kid should return for eye exams about every 2 years. However, if eyeglasses or contact lenses, or any other form of treatment are recommended, then we will usually advise more frequent follow-up exams. Our eye doctors will provide personalized instructions based on your child’s individual situation.

What will we check during a pediatric eye exam?

We’ll customize your child’s eye exam to meet her unique visual complaints, family eye history, age, and stage of development.

Babies (birth until 24 months old):

The visual system develops quickly during the first few months of your infant’s life. Babies learn focusing skills and how to move their eyes together as a team. Visual cues are sent from the eyes to the brain, and their young brains are learning to process everything. Hand-eye coordination, general motor development – including crawling and walking, all depend heavily upon eyesight. At our office in Round Rock, we’ll assess the pace of your baby’s development.

Preschool Kids (age 2 to 5):

Children learn to read and write at this age, in addition to drawing and giving masterful expression to their creativity! Sports games also rely upon hand-eye coordination and visual perception. At this stage, we’ll assess your child’s visual acuity and functional vision. We’ll check for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and closely consider problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes).

Parents should watch out for these signs:

  • Squinting
  • Holding books close to eyes
  • Sitting very close to screens
  • Avoidance of doing workbooks or puzzles

If you notice any of the above, it’s a good idea to schedule a pediatric eye exam in our Round Rock clinic!

School-Aged Children (6 to 18 years old):

Your child’s academic performance, sports ability and social skills are all connected to vision. An undetected or untreated vision condition can severely challenge their daily life, often leading to frustration with reading, writing or interacting with others. In turn, poor self-esteem and behavioral problems may also occur.

With kids during school years, our comprehensive eye exams will inspect a full range of visual skills, including:

  • Tracking skills
  • Binocularity (eye teaming)
  • Accommodation (focusing)
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Peripheral vision
  • Color vision
  • Eye health - we will inspect thoroughly for any signs of abnormality or ocular disease

Warning signs in kids:

  • Frequent blinking
  • When kids complain regularly about headaches
  • Difficulty reading, and/or a tendency to lose place
  • Short attention span
  • Children who complain about seeing double
  • Tilting their head to one side

These are all possible symptoms of an untreated vision condition. If we diagnose an ocular problem in your child, we’ll discuss the results with you to decide upon the best treatment plan. We’ll help design vision correction and treatment to address your unique child’s lifestyle and visual requirements.

Help your child make the most of her potential in school, during after-school hours, and in sports! Call us now to reserve a pediatric eye exam at Aspire Vision Care. We’re proud to serve patients from Round Rock and the Greater Austin area!