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Leading Eye Care In Round Rock, TX

Top Comprehensive Vision Exams In Round Rock, TX... and so much more

We provide the full spectrum of eye care to clients of all ages, from children to older adults: vision tests, corrective laser eye surgery, immediate attention for eye emergencies and so much more.

The eye care professionals at Aspire Vision Care in Round Rock, TX provide thorough eye care to a diverse clientele with specialist support for a wide array of issues such as macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Round Rock, TX

Learn more about what problems can be spotted with an eye exam, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam.

Pediatric Eye Exams in Round Rock, TX

To ensure that your children have the visual resources they need to grow and develop normally, their eyes should be checked.

Emergency Eye Care Services in Round Rock, TX

Our eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, scratched eye, something stuck in your eye.

The Dangers of Blue Light and What You Can Do in Round Rock, TX

Blue light is emitted from electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Myopia / Nearsightedness in Round Rock, TX

Nearsightedness, know as Myopia, is one of the most common vision problems, affecting 42% of Americans.

Orthokeratology (CRT & VST) in Round Rock, TX

Ortho-k is the process of reshaping the eye with specially-designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

7 Eye Tips for College Students in Round Rock, TX

Winter break is coming soon, and with college students finding their way home for the holidays.

Developmental Vision Evaluations and Vision Therapy Round Rock, TX

A developmental eye exam includes testing and evaluation of visual skills.

Management of Ocular Diseases in Round Rock, TX

Including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Cataracts.

Advanced Technology in Round Rock, TX

We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible.

Dry Eye Disease and Treatment in Round Rock, TX

DES is a chronic condition that develops when your eyes do not produce enough tears...

Eye Allergies - Optometrist - Round Rock, TX

Having allergies can mean more than the sniffling and sneezing that most people associate with it.

Geriatric Eye Care Services in Round Rock, TX

With aging comes a greater need for comprehensive eye exams, and advanced treatment of many known ocular diseases.

Presbyopia Diagnosis and Treatment in Round Rock, TX

As we reach middle age, particularly after age 40, it is common to start to experience difficulty with reading.

Astigmatism Diagnosis & Treatment in Round Rock, TX

Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that's easily corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Eye Exams Can Diagnose Over 170 Diseases, Eye Doctor in Round Rock, TX

When it comes to your vision and overall eye health, you should have an eye exam every year.

Your Eye Doctor is the First Line of Defense, Eye Care Services in Round Rock, TX

Symptoms of diseases may be visible in the eyes because the smallest blood vessels of the body are in your eyes.

Your Eye Doctor is the First Line of Defense, Eye Care Services in Round Rock, TX

Pink eye caused by viruses or bacteria are highly contagious and keeping it from spreading is extremely important.